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If you wish to spend more quality time with your pet, it needs to be healthy and strong. Animals are complex things and it take a lot of time and effort to understand them.

You need to understand at least the basics of pet care to have a healthy pet. And that's where PetDevotee.com comes in. We work hard to provide you with the right material and content you should know to take care of most of your pets needs.

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Pets We Cover

Loyal, courageous, and cheerful. It's no wonder dogs have earned the term "man's best friend". However, they do need a lot of care and love. We reveal how to care for your dog in a way that let's you shower your love on them.
Quiet and composed, cats are sensitive mammals who loves being around us. They can really make your heart melt when they come over to cuddle you. Learn how to treat them right.
Anyone who owns pet fish knows the hypnotic, calming effect of fish sailing around an aquarium. Fish don't give you as much feedback as dogs or cats, so it is essential to give them the right conditions to survive and thrive.
Intelligent and social, you could spend hours upon hours every week observing the interesting behaviors of birds. Given their small frame, birds are ideal for smaller homes. They are also a joy to train since they are clever.

Our Pet Experts

Ken Williams is a full-time writer and animal lover who has an interest in researching good content. In his spare time, he scratches his travel itch by taking trips to less common travel destinations. Jessica Woodham is a pet lover who has an equally strong love in clear and impactful writing. She views the job of a writer to be similiar to a doctor's. Both require thorough analysis and lots of care. On her off days, she likes to give her cat a neck massage.
Rachel Livingston is our resident pet fish expert. She fell in love with fish ever since she first started snorkeling. Rachel admits that watching her pet fish swim about is relaxing for her mind.. Eric Ross has been caring for pet birds since his grandfather gifted him an african grey parrot for his 10th birthday. Ever since then, Eric has devoted much of his time to learning out birds and how they behave. He is also into bird watching and bird photography.